About Taipei Grand Mosque
What's the arguments to allow multiple jumah prayer sessions to be held in a single masjid?
Due to the limited spaces in Taipei Grand Mosque, we have to have multiple Jumah prayer, to cover the need.
Why does Taipei masjid use different time calculations compared to any other popular calculation methods? i.e. ashr time is too late in the afternoon.
Answer: In Taiwan we follow Imam Abu Hanifah, which mentioned that the Asr Time starts when the Shadow of an object becomes doble, which is different to other Imams.
During Ramadhan in Taipei masjid, why do there's fajr prayer & fasting time which sometimes confuse many people since there's like 20 minutes difference whether people can still eat or not?
Answer: The Ramdan time schedule in Taiwan has put 20 minutes difference between fasting time and Fajr prayer, is to remind the actual Fajr time. Because many muslims in Taiwan can not hear Athan from their houses.
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